Artist Statement

statmentI found myself drawing very much as a child. My mother encouraged me. She was an artist/painter and was very supportive of arts. My father also explored different arts from time to time like sculpting and painting and left his work lying around the house. My parent’s home was very “Bohemian” like with animals, arts, and antiques all over. My mother organized an art organization in Chicago which promoted local artists from various cultures and ethnic backgrounds. They did murals and calendars and exhibits. The would visit the house often and my mother was very involved in this project for years. Growing up I had much exposure to their work which made a lasting impression on me. There was African, Mexican, European art of sorts. I recall most of all the work of Carlos Cortez and who did political/socialist woodcuts. I did not understand the process by which he created these when I was young though I tried to copy the lines and contours in drawing. My mother was also acquainted with Ed Paschke, who has passed though now has his work in museums around the world. His strong colors and lines left and impression on me which I related to Picasso’s work who I loved very much. My mother would take me with to meet artists like Paschke in their studios, at times even when they were at work. I would make some inquires on their art out of curiosity. I couldn’t retain much of what they said, though their images remained strong in my mind’s eye. I would try to copy what I recalled when I returned home.
I focused on drawing for many years, cubist like drawings, usually of people. My mother gave me some lessons in drawing and had placed me in some classes, which I didn’t like and soon dropped. I did take some printmaking courses and drawing in college. I was going to apply to the Art Institute of Chicago some years ago though was told that I needed to develop my work in color and painting. I had just started exploring painting soon before that, though have only recently given it full attention and seriousness.
Every painting at this point, is to my mind, an exploration, both of self and the materials. We are still getting familiar which each other. At time we fight fiercely, other times we at peace. For the most part, I strive to capture feeling, energy, and impressions made on me throughout the day in Expressionist form. I love all the “Moderns” though Picasso is my greatest love. In his work I find the humor and play of a child, while presented his mature vision of realty and at times giving social critique”…